Online Measurement Tool

AIM’s Online Measurement Tool (OMT) allows teams to track and analyze measurement data for their clinics or programs. This sophisticated online tool replaces the need for cumbersome Excel templates that have been used in the past.


Learning Portal

The AIM Learning Portal is a dedicated learning site offering a series of learning modules on topics ranging from access, improvement, measurement, panel and team effectiveness. For more information on how to access the portal, click on the link below.


Patient’s Medical Home

The Patient’s Medical Home is considered to be a central hub where patients feel most comfortable in discussing their healthcare needs. See how AIM fits into the picture and helps healthcare providers build the patient’s medical home.



All Courses

Leveraging Team Diversity

Good relationships strengthen your team! All teams are made
Team Based (Team Effectiveness)

Introducing Team Charter

Getting on the same page! A team charter is
Team Based (Team Effectiveness)

Establishing Norms

Building norms creates strong teams! Norms are the ground
Team Based (Team Effectiveness)

Better Choices, Better Health®

Managing day-to-day challenges with chronic conditions! Better Choices, Better
Patient Centred Interactions

Person-Centred Practice using HealthChange® Methodology Workshop

Enabling effective patient-provider interactions through actionable steps Healthcare providers
Patient Centred Interactions

Choices and Changes

Most clinicians realize that patient behaviour change and adherence
Patient Centred Interactions

e-AIM & AH; An Introduction to Third Next Available

This module was designed to support the work of
Evidence (Measurement)