Primary care clinics are being asked to collect data for Third Next Available (TNA) appointments to improve access for Albertans. AIM’s goal is to partner with PCNs to co-design a solution for staff and member practices that meets their needs around this important access improvement measure. This might include, but is not limited to:

Introductory training

AIM has developed an e-learning module and complementary resources for clinic staff that can be accessed from the clinic or at home. Encourage staff to visit the AIM Learning Portal at to register for our quick 15 minute module.

Physician Mentorship program

Our Physician Mentorship program is an opportunity for physicians to connect with other physicians who are experienced in collecting and using TNA data for improvement purposes. Email to request access to this support.

In-person training

PCN staff are trained by AIM to deliver the TNA Collection Workshop to clinic staff.

AIM delivers the TNA Collection Workshop to clinics directly with PCN support.

Email us to request this support.

Online measurement tool

Looking for a centralized, secure way to collect and report this information within your PCN? The AIM online measurement tool is already being used by over 600 family physicians and is a great way to collect and store TNA. If you’re interested in getting your PCN or member practices access to this tool, or to discuss options that are right for you, contact AIM at or call 780-884-0507.