Looking for your next improvement idea? Stuck, not sure what opportunities to focus on next? Let AIM show you how to go WASTE hunting!

The goal of every process is to flow seamlessly from step to step with no interruptions, errors or unnecessary work.  Anything that impedes this flow is referred to as WASTE.  Identifying and eliminating WASTE in your processes can help move your entire system along faster, more efficiently and provide better value to your patients.

Use the 8 WASTES (TIMWOODS) to evaluate your processes and find opportunities for improvement.

Transportation Eliminate or reduce movement of equipment, information, materials and number of handoffs.
Inventory Consumables (especially those with expiry dates), carved-out time that is not used, buffer stock of resources/manpower (excess inventory hides system problems).
Motion Eliminate or reduce excess motion of staff.  Locate commonly used equipment in convenient locations to minimize number of trips and distance.
Waiting For patients (waiting for appointments and at appointments). For staff (waiting for information, waiting for upstream processes to be completed).
Over-processing Unnecessary paperwork, out of scope activities, excessive error-checking.
Overproduction Offering more appointments/more frequently than required. Excessive email generation, over-communication.
Defects Incomplete referrals, missing information, no-shows. Defects result in re-work, lost capacity and extra processing time.
Skills Leveraging all team members to the height of their skill and training (special skills, languages, knowledge).