e-AIM & AH; An Introduction to Third Next Available

This module was designed to support the work of Alberta Health and the implementation of counting Third-Next-Available of Alberta physicians by their clinics.

In this session you will review what TNA is, how to measure it and are provided with 2 scenarios to practice calculating TNA.

This is intended as an introduction but may be used as a refresher to people previously introduced to TNA.  It is an overview of the concepts and strategies used to measure TNA.

After this eModule you will be able to:

  • Explain what TNA is and how to measure it.
  • Practice measuring TNA.

Approx. Time to Complete: up to 25 minutes

Suited for: Individual or team-based learning

Pass criteria:

  1. View learning eModule, and complete the interactive practice questions. All questions must be attempted to reach the end.
  2. Complete the short evaluation.
  3. Review resource

This activity has not been formally reviewed by the CFPC however it is eligible for non-certified credits.  Mainpro+ participants may also earn additional certified credits by completing a Linking Learning exercise.

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