Person-Centred Practice using HealthChange® Methodology Workshop

Enabling effective patient-provider interactions through actionable steps

Healthcare providers play an important role in helping patients gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to achieve their health goals.  Despite a strong commitment to quality patient care, at times healthcare providers encounter obstacles to conducting consults in a way that meets their patient’s needs. HealthChange® Methodology guides providers to effectively and efficiently embed self-management support into every interaction, transforming the way providers work with patients. The Methodology promotes health literacy, shared decision making and behaviour change. It supports healthcare providers to understand and assess patient readiness, enabling individual providers and teams to deliver best-practice care and communication to patients and families.

HealthChange® Methodology can be applied in any individual or group setting where clients or patients would benefit from taking action to achieve better health or quality of life outcomes.

The key learning objectives of this interactive workshop are to:

    1. Understand what HealthChange® Methodology is.
    2. Define and operationalize Person-Centred Practice in a systematic and measureable way.
    3. Understand what a person’s needs are in order to take action or make a change.
    4. Assess a person’s readiness, importance, confidence and knowledge to engage in action.
    5. Learn how to support a systematic, team approach to person-centered care.
    6. Understand how to do effective, person-centred goal setting that ensures sufficient health literacy, patient readiness and patient choice.
    7. Understand how to promote shared decision making in a way that balances clinical duty of care with a patient’s right to make fully-informed decisions about their health.

Link to Patient’s Medical Home: Care Coordination; Patient-Centred Interactions; Organized, Evidence-Based Care
Audience: Health Care Providers, Service Providers, Health Care Leaders
Delivery Options: Workshop (F2F)
Min: negotiable  | Max: 24 people
Time: 6 hours

Learning Level: Intermediate
Learning Format: Workshop, Case studies, practical exercises
CanMED-FM Roles: NA
CanMED-Roles: NA

Materials Provided:  Workbook, quick reference mini-guide and card
Pass Criteria: Attendance at workshop
Accreditation: NA
Physicians are encouraged to apply for Linking Learning to Practice credit or Personal Learning Projects MOC


AHS employees can sign up for the workshop on My Learning Link, otherwise please contact for more info.