Introducing Team Charter

Getting on the same page! A team charter is a document that defines the purpose of a team, expected outcomes and how the team will work together for results.  It is a set of agreements created when a team forms to promote shared understanding and clarity for members around team functioning and how the work will get done. In this workshop, health care teams begin to build priority elements of a team charter using a template to support launching, developing and strengthening the team while understanding how it links to team development and higher team performance.

At the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  • Outline why a Team Charter is important to team functioning
  • Identify the phases of team development and the dimension of team work
  • Discuss the creation of a Team Charter to moving towards higher performance and effectiveness
  • Begin to build an Improvement Team Charter

Link to Patient’s Medical Home:  Team Effectiveness

Category: Improvement

Audience: Primary Care Clinic Improvement Teams

Delivery Options: Collaborative – Learning Session (LS 1)

Min: 4 people (1 team of 4 people)  | Max: 36 people ( 6 teams of 6 people)

Time: TBD

Learning Level: Basic

Learning Format: Question and answer sessions | Team and larger group discussion | Practice Time

CanMED-FM Roles: Collaborator, Manager, Health Advocate, Professional

CanMED-Roles: Collaborator, Manager, Health Advocate, Professional

Pass Criteria:  Full participation in learning activity

This activity has not been formally reviewed by the CFPC however it is eligible for non-certified credits.  Mainpro+ participants may also earn additional certified credits by completing a Linking Learning exercise.


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