Leveraging Team Diversity

Good relationships strengthen your team! All teams are made up of a diverse range of personalities/characteristic traits. If a team does not know how to leverage this diversity, tension and conflict can weaken or diminish relationships, reveal cracks within a team and threaten team performance. This workshop will:

  • Provide a shared understanding around what each member brings to the team in relation to each other
  • Deepen collective team awareness of strengths and weaknesses among the membership
  • Create a common language for members to openly discuss differences in order to minimize potential tension and conflict

At the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  • Understand how your personality preference(s) may show up at work in relation to others on your team
  • Strategize on how to work with different personality preferences within your workplace maximizing members’ strengths to achieve higher performance collectively
  • Consider how to leverage diversity within a team in improvement work 

Link to Patient’s Medical Home: Team Based Care | Capacity for Improvement

Category: Team Effectiveness

Audience: Health care teams

Delivery Options: Collaborative – Learning Session (LS 1 optional) | Workshop

Min: 4 people ( 1 team of 4 people) | Max: 36 people ( 6 teams of 6 people)

Time: TBD hour

Learning Level: Basic

Learning Format: Question and answer sessions | Team and larger group discussion | interactive learning activities

CanMED-FM Roles: Collaborator, Manager,  Professional

CanMED-Roles: Collaborator, Manager,  Professional

Pass Criteria:  Full participation in learning activity

This activity has not been formally reviewed by the CFPC however it is eligible for non-certified credits.  Mainpro+ participants may also earn additional certified credits by completing a Linking Learning exercise.


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