AIM has adapted our traditional education models to better meet the needs of our partners in healthcare delivery. Our ultimate goal is to help you implement the key elements of the Patient’s Medical Home and address any challenges you might be having. The key is that we do it together. The AIM team is dedicated to co-creating solutions that meet the business planning priorities of your clinic (whether specialist or family physician team), Primary Care Network or AHS Community Ambulatory Program. Our goal is to ensure your team is provided with the tools and transferrable skills required to identify, test, implement and sustain any changes that are guaranteed to enhance the satisfaction of providers, clinic staff and patients. Traditionally, we have used a collaborative model which continues to work well in many instances. Recognizing the need to provide alternate approaches, we have designed some innovative ways we can work with you, your team and your schedule.



The AIM collaborative learning process provides the opportunity to learn about, test and apply a set of recommended practice changes focused on access and efficiency improvements. AIM collaboratives run for approximately 12 months. The Primary Care access collaborative consists of a two-three month foundation period, four Learning Sessions (comprised of individual workshops) and Action Periods. The Action Periods take place between each Learning Session to provide improvement teams the opportunity to link learning in the workshops to the workplace. Each action period is supported by practice improvement team facilitators with access to self-service learning modules.

A collaborative model is able to be PCN-embedded. This embedded approach involves collaboration between an AIM consultant and the PCN to customize a solution that meets their needs. We work with you throughout the journey of the collaborative to help you create a flexible system that meets the needs of your team and your patients.

eLearning (tutorials)

For your convenience we’ve packaged some key learning modules together with practical resources to support a team or individual-based, self-directed approach. Each module is intended to complement workshops and strives to help you advance your improvement projects. AIM’s eModules are tutorials that run for five minutes or longer to provide the learner with a comprehensive learning experience at home or at work.


The legacy of the AIM program lingers long after a collaborative or consultative engagement. As such, the AIM team has identified a number of physician champions who have experienced the access improvement journey. The value of this physician experience is paramount for others considering an improvement journey with the AIM team. AIM’s peer-to-peer model ensures every physician has access to a peer mentor who has travelled the same path you are embarking on. Providing the practice or PCN physician lead with access to a peer mentor who can share their experiences is invaluable in adopting, adapting and spreading your changes within and between clinics in PCNs.
Express interest  in receiving a peer mentor.

Resource List

Our open access resource list provides practice improvement teams a suite of supports to direct their improvement journey. The resources include key tools, templates and reading lists provided at our workshops. Should you require a refresher on how to use any of the tools in supporting your improvement initiatives, please connect with our team of consultants who will support your application of these tools in practice.

Workshop (F2F)

Linking theory and practical application of principles can be challenging for a practice improvement team to undertake in a self-directed manner. Our experienced consultants are mobile (travelling to clinics and PCN headquarters across Alberta) and enjoy working with practice improvement teams in a workshop setting. AIM’s in-person workshops range from one to three hours with the objective of assisting clinics as needs emerge in their improvement journeys. Check out ‘what we do’ and our ‘course list’ for opportunities to discuss key principles and pragmatic ways to transfer knowledge and skills to practice the very next day.