Female doctor explaining diagnosis to her female patient

Primary care is the foundation of health service delivery. The broader health system cannot be strong without a strong, integrated primary care system as its base. Primary care includes all the services a patient receives for basic, everyday health needs and is most often delivered as a community-based health service.

In Alberta, primary care services are provided by family doctors, Primary Care Networks (PCNs) and Alberta Health Services (AHS). It includes the initial care, treatment and follow-up of various conditions as well as referrals to the rest of the health system when needed. It also encompasses the promotion of wellness, and prevention and management of chronic diseases and injuries.

It’s well known that high quality care delivery is created through a strong relationship between a primary care team and patient. In addition, the strength of the relationship between primary care provider (family physician) and patient is a predictor of longer term health outcomes and system costs. The AIM team works with family doctors, practice improvement teams and PCNs to ensure patients are seen at the right place, at the right time, by the right provider. AIM focuses on co-creating solutions with PCN leaders to build champions, spread change and transferrable skills that optimize access, quality and sustainability of primary care services.

AIM’s objectives are in alignment with the Government of Alberta’s Primary Health Care Strategy, which focuses on enhancing the delivery of care, cultural change and building blocks for change. AIM also supports the key change concepts of the Patient’s Medical Home (PMH) and is dedicated to working with PCNs and their clinics to build the PMH.

Please review our course offerings for more details on how AIM supports primary care and the Patient’s Medical Home.