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Medical and surgical specialists, as well as specialty programs (like Addictions and Mental Health or Home Care services) are an important audience for the AIM team. When considering the principles of the Patient’s Medial Home (PMH), specialist services are an essential part of the healthcare system for patients who need well-coordinated, high-quality, team based care. Ensuring access to specialist clinicians and their healthcare teams is vital to providing efficient, effective transitions in care between the primary care provider and specialist services.

AIM prepares specialist teams for high quality interactions with primary care. The primary focus of AIM is to help practice improvement teams in specialist service delivery to understand their system. The process and principles are similar to the work done with primary care teams. By the end of the experience, specialist teams will have a greater understanding of the demands for their service, data that supports high quality conversations with primary care providers regarding patients’ care planning, and increases in patient satisfaction.

The AIM team has worked diligently to ensure that access improvement programs, resources and principles within Alberta Health Services are well aligned and complementary of each other. Longer term, this collaborative partnership aspires to serve as a backbone for strong relationships between administrative and clinical leaders in primary and specialist care service delivery.

Our core offerings in specialty care include building capability to support innovation or spread change ideas; build effective, highly functioning teams; and improve access, care coordination and relationships with your patients and primary care partners. If you’re a specialist clinician or administrative leader who would like more information on how we might work together to co-create the right solution for your practice or program area, feel free to contact us.