e-AIM & AH; An Introduction to Third Next Available

This module was designed to support the work of Alberta Health and the implementation of counting Third-Next-Available of Alberta physicians by their clinics. In this session you will review what TNA is, how to measure it and are provided with 2 scenarios to practice calculating TNA. This is intended as an introduction but may be […]

Choices and Changes

Most clinicians realize that patient behaviour change and adherence to treatment recommendations are essential to producing positive health outcomes, especially when chronic illness is added to the mix. When a patient has difficulty making behaviour changes that would benefit their health, it can be frustrating for both the clinician and the patient. The Choices and […]

Person-Centred Practice using HealthChange® Methodology Workshop

Enabling effective patient-provider interactions through actionable steps Healthcare providers play an important role in helping patients gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to achieve their health goals.  Despite a strong commitment to quality patient care, at times healthcare providers encounter obstacles to conducting consults in a way that meets their patient’s needs. HealthChange® Methodology guides […]

Better Choices, Better Health®

Managing day-to-day challenges with chronic conditions! Better Choices, Better Health® is an interactive program where participants learn and practice using techniques and tools to help manage their day-to-day challenges living with chronic conditions. Some of these tools are setting and achieving goals, having productive interactions with healthcare providers, communicating better with friends and family, being […]

Establishing Norms

Building norms creates strong teams! Norms are the ground rules for how team members will communicate and interact with each other. Creating norms together, as a team, requires full member participation and agreement around acceptable actions and behaviours to strengthen team functioning and create conditions to promote higher team performance. During this workshop, teams will […]

Introducing Team Charter

Getting on the same page! A team charter is a document that defines the purpose of a team, expected outcomes and how the team will work together for results.  It is a set of agreements created when a team forms to promote shared understanding and clarity for members around team functioning and how the work […]

Leveraging Team Diversity

Good relationships strengthen your team! All teams are made up of a diverse range of personalities/characteristic traits. If a team does not know how to leverage this diversity, tension and conflict can weaken or diminish relationships, reveal cracks within a team and threaten team performance. This workshop will: Provide a shared understanding around what each […]