e-Care Team Workload Analysis (CTWA)

Did you know that the work your office staff and clinical team undertake is a factor in the performance of your practice and contributes to the satisfaction in work that all staff are looking for? Our goal is to help your team optimize the work it does for efficiency and job satisfaction. This eModule introduces […]

Art and Science of Innovation and Improvement (ASII)

ASII is currently under redevelopment and expressions of interest will open April 1, 2017. Building and enhancing our capacity for quality improvement (QI) is a foundational goal of the Primary Care Network (PCN) Evolution that aligns directly with key elements of the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH). Specific QI capacity enables the opportunity to achieve efficient […]

Care Coordination

COMING SOON! EXPRESSION of INTEREST To learn more about this learning activity please contact us by email!

Choices and Changes

Most clinicians realize that patient behaviour change and adherence to treatment recommendations are essential to producing positive health outcomes, especially when chronic illness is added to the mix. When a patient has difficulty making behaviour changes that would benefit their health, it can be frustrating for both the clinician and the patient. The Choices and […]

e-AIM for Excellence – the Game

This learning activity, in a game show format, will take teams of one to three people through a test of your QI knowledge in the areas of access, efficiency, health teams, measurement and potpourri. After this eModule you will be able to: Demonstrate an understanding of the interrelationship between the AIM concepts. Apply AIM concepts to […]

Person-Centred Practice using HealthChange® Methodology Workshop

Enabling effective patient-provider interactions through actionable steps Healthcare providers play an important role in helping patients gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to achieve their health goals.  Despite a strong commitment to quality patient care, at times healthcare providers encounter obstacles to conducting consults in a way that meets their patient’s needs. HealthChange® Methodology guides […]

e-Essentials of Measurement

Doing measurement in research well is actually a very difficult thing to accomplish. Measurement for improvement is even harder. It requires a stepwise approach to planning and a creative mind to think about how to measure what is important to your clinic or improvement team. This video module is designed to introduce to you to […]

Better Choices, Better Health®

Managing day-to-day challenges with chronic conditions! Better Choices, Better Health® is an interactive program where participants learn and practice using techniques and tools to help manage their day-to-day challenges living with chronic conditions. Some of these tools are setting and achieving goals, having productive interactions with healthcare providers, communicating better with friends and family, being […]

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