e-Care Team Workload Analysis (CTWA)


Did you know that the work your office staff and clinical team undertake is a factor in the performance of your practice and contributes to the satisfaction in work that all staff are looking for? Our goal is to help your team optimize the work it does for efficiency and job satisfaction. This eModule introduces you to the concepts behind balancing the demand for non-appointment work using CTWA as a means to measure, analyze and improve clinical operations.

After the eModule you will be able to:

  • Describe the main reasons for doing a CTWA.
  • Create a list of tasks (i.e. qualitative data).
  • Use the CTWA to collect quantitative data.
  • Analyze the data collected.

Access this eModule through our Learning Portal

Approx. Time to Complete: 10 Mins

Suited for: Individual or team-based learning

Pass Criteria: Participate in and complete interactive learning eModule. Refer to the resources.