e-Essentials of Measurement


Doing measurement in research well is actually a very difficult thing to accomplish. Measurement for improvement is even harder. It requires a stepwise approach to planning and a creative mind to think about how to measure what is important to your clinic or improvement team. This video module is designed to introduce to you to the concept of measurement for improvement by building your knowledge and awareness of how measurement is important to knowing if changes you might be making in your practice are actually resulting in an improvement.

After this eModule you will be able to:

  • Apply measures to support your improvement work through the PDSA cycle.
  • Assess whether to adapt, adopt or abandon a change, with the patient in mind.
  • Interpret measurement data from the improvement perspective.
  • Complete a measurement plan for your practice.

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Approx. time to complete: 10 mins

Suited for: Individual or team-based learning

Pass Criteria: View video. Refer to the resources.