e-Introducing: Demand, Supply & Activity (DSA)


This eModule is divided into three components:

Component #1—Build Capacity

This video guides you through the three interrelated measures – Demand, Supply and Activity.

Component #2—Practice Arena

Apply the knowledge you learned in the video by completing an exercise to practice on how Demand, Supply & Activity are applied in a clinic setting.

Component #3—Resources for Your Clinic

Before you start collecting data in your clinic, download three resources:

  • Demand collection sheet
  • Supply and demand collection sheet
  • Demand, Supply & Activity Guidelines 

Access this eModule through our Learning Portal

Approx. Time to Complete: 30 mins

Suited for: Individual or team-based learning

Pass Criteria: View learning eModule. Participate in Practice Arena. Refer to the resources.

Additional Information: This eModule is designed to be viewed after the TNA eModules, but before the OMT eModule. The reason for this is to stress the importance that these measures must be collected and used together to be truly effective.