Measurement for Improvement


Measurement is an integral part of helping you determine whether a change you make in your practice is an improvement. It will help you make decisions around whether to adapt, adopt or abandon a change. This in-person session will walk you through the principle of measurement for improvement. It is designed to introduce the perspectives we should take, as improvement teams, on measuring the outcomes of our improvement efforts. This session will also introduce some of the key metrics related to access, including details to support teams understanding of how to collect data in their practice. Teams will be expected to collect some data during the first action period so this will provide a good introduction as to how this can be accomplished.

For more information, visit our Self-Serve Resources for Measurement

At the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  • Describe how you will be able to determine whether changes you make in your practice actually result in an improvement
  • Discuss and plan how the key measures for the collaborative will be collected in your practice
  • Define each key measure and consider how the application of these will affect your data collection processes.

Link to Patient’s Medical Home: Enhanced Access | Capacity for Improvement

Category: Improvement; Measurement

Audience: Primary Care AND Specialty Care Clinic Improvement Teams

Delivery Options: Collaborative – Learning Session  (LS 1 – Primary Care; LS 1 – Specialty Care)

Min: 4 people (1 team of 4 people)  | Max: 36 people ( 6 teams of 6 people)

Time: TBD

Learning Level: Basic

Learning Format: Question and answer sessions | Team and larger group discussion

CanMED-FM Roles: Collaborator, Manager, Health Advocate, Professional

CanMED-Roles: Collaborator, Manager, Health Advocate, Professional

Pass Criteria:  F2F – Full participation in learning activity

Accreditation: Please apply for Linking Learning to Practice credit or Personal Learning Projects MOC directly through College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) or Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC).



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