Office Efficiency: Measures & Changes


Select strategies to attain reduced delays and enhanced efficiencies

Reducing delays at appointments and enhancing office efficiency are among the key objectives for teams. This workshop, divided into two sections, will assist your team in identifying the issues in your clinic and then selecting strategies that you will test.

Measurement & Mapping

Teams will be introduced to and actually create your own office efficiency aim (goals) targeted at reducing delays for patients at appointments. We teach you how to map, measure and tweak your cycle time. You’ll also learn what the Red Zone is. Knowing your patient’s experience in their journey can help you make changes to eliminate unnecessary steps and waiting times. Patients and providers care about excellent clinical care AND efficiency. Time to practice will be provided.

Office Efficiency High Leverage Changes

Have you ever found yourself buried in paperwork? In this section, teams learn the strategies that impact your efficiency. You will select and then test such strategies as:

  • Balancing supply and demand for non-appointment work
  • Synchronizing patient, provider and information
  • Predicting and anticipating needs
  • Optimizing the environment and managing constraints

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand the concept of system flow as measured by cycle time
  • Formulate an Office Efficiency Aim
  • Describe the five High Leverage Changes (HLC) for office efficiency
  • Select strategies to address the five High Leverage Changes that you will test in your clinic
  • Identify tools relevant to each of the office efficiency principles

Link to Patient’s Medical Home: Enhanced Access | Capacity for Improvement

Category: Access

Audience: Primary Care Clinic Improvement Teams

Delivery Options: Collaborative – Learning Session  (LS 3)

Min: 4 people (1 team of 4 people)  | Max: 36 people ( 6 teams of 6 people)

Time: TBD

Learning Level: Basic

Learning Format: Question and answer sessions | Team and larger group discussion | Practice Time

CanMED-FM Roles: Collaborator, Manager, Health Advocate, Professional

CanMED-Roles: Collaborator, Manager, Health Advocate, Professional

Pass Criteria:  F2F – Full participation in learning activity

Accreditation: Please apply for Linking Learning to Practice credit or Personal Learning Projects MOC directly through College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) or Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC).


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