Effective Teams Create Enhanced Patient Outcomes

When your clinic has an effective team, the end result is enhanced patient outcomes. Having an effective team is crucial for continued improvement and allows clinic teams to work at their full potential and get things done! Check out this recent article on team effectiveness to identify some key opportunities to focus your efforts in building a highly functional team-based approach to care delivery.


Adaptive Reserve Survey

With the evolution of healthcare in Alberta to a more patient-centred model, what sense might you have of your clinic team’s ability to make and sustain the required changes? AIM Alberta provides clinics with a tool to capture a snapshot in time of the current state of your team functioning. This will assist in highlighting simple, effective areas of improvement to create the conditions to build and manage the team’s capacity for change. A one week period (Monday – Friday) is allotted for a healthcare team to complete the survey.

The Adaptive Reserve Survey is currently in test phase. More information to follow.


HTE Online Diagnostic Tool

You may have had a hunch that your team could use a little training. It’s possible that there are some key areas of teamwork that could use some help. AIM’s Healthcare Team Effectiveness (HTE) online diagnostic tool can help create effective teams. Using this tool to measure team functioning achieves the following objectives:

  • Provides validated measurement and documentation of how the team is functioning
  • Helps healthcare team members identify potential areas of concern and make decisions around team functioning
  • Assists the healthcare team members and your AIM contact to work with you on designing the next steps towards promoting higher performance within the team and creating a plan to implement targeted interventions to build and strengthen the team

This online diagnostic is offered three times a year in January, May and October.

Registration Fee: $275 (up to 10 people) & $18 / person 11+

Download the registration form and email the word document to AIM.


Complimentary Snapshot Report with Recommendations

What use is a snapshot without some understanding of the data and what practical solutions might exist to improve team functioning? An AIM consultant will provide your clinic with a complimentary Snapshot Summary and TEE Workshop Recommendations based on your HTE Online Diagnostic OR Adaptive Reserve Survey. This will allow you to determine the next steps to enhance your team effectiveness and support conversations about team dynamics. Please allow two to six weeks for this service.


One Hour Interactive Workshops

  • Creating a Team Charter
  • Establishing Norms
  • Leveraging Team Diversity
  • Building Trust (in development)
  • Managing Tension and Conflict (in development)

Registration Fee: $ No charge

Please review additional information on the five workshops within the “What we offer” section of this website.