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Dr. Mark Murray, MD, MPA, founded and operated a medical practice in an underserved rural area in northern California before and working at Kaiser Permanente, an integrated managed care consortium, in Sacramento, CA. During the 19 years he worked at Kaiser Permanente, he held various administrative positions including assistant chief of medicine for the North Sacramento Valley, where he had operational responsibility for the care of 270,000 patients and a regional call centre that served 1.2 million patients.

After developing a number of quality improvement initiatives at Kaiser Permanente, he formed an independent consulting group. Dr. Murray now consults with healthcare organizations in Canada, the United States and abroad on a variety of quality improvement strategies including efficiencies in office practice, the development and care of healthcare teams, change management in healthcare settings, physician compensation and “big” system flow. His primary and unique area of expertise remains access to care, including patient access to appointments in primary, specialty and ancillary care, patient access to information, as well as healthcare delivery and management.

He brings a unique perspective as a physician who has practiced in multiple environments and understands other industries that use flow and demand/supply matching. He is widely published and recognized as an international authority on the development of access systems in healthcare.

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