About the Online Measurement Tool:

This tool provided by AIM Alberta enables providers and their teams to use relevant and current data in an easy, meaningful way so they can accurately assess if changes applied in the practice actually result in an improvement. Healthcare improvement teams can use this tool to easily and conveniently enter, save and analyze clinic data while clearly tracking their clinic’s progress.
Signing on to the tool eliminates the need for paper-based measurement tracking, hence offering PCN staff the ability to offer streamlined data collection and transfer for member practices. This can then be exported into a PCN data file, or directly reported out of the online tool. As such, PCNs can be confident they have reliable data sources for internal measurement and evaluation activities related to business planning, medical home action planning or any quality improvement initiative.

Please note: The URL has been updated to measure.aimalberta.ca. (previously measure.albertaaim.ca).

You may continue to access the OMT directly from our website, but if you have it bookmarked, please note the change and add measure.aimalberta.ca to your bookmarks.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused as we transition to the new URL. If you continue to experience any technical issues accessing the Online Measurement Tool, please contact measurement.aim@ahs.ca for assistance.