AIM Alberta has created a unique series of webinars called “My Journey” to illustrate the many ways in which the principles of advanced access can be applied in practice. The short stories in the “My Journey” series were shared by AIM faculty members who have applied advanced access principles in clinical settings.

Each story provides a unique focus on key changes that have been successfully implemented to provide improved care experiences for patients and providers. These webinars focus on real experiences rather than comprehensive principle-based knowledge sharing.

If you are interested in exploring further learning opportunities to achieve some of the results shared in these webinars, feel free to request a physician engagement opportunity, or a discussion with one of our improvement consultants by emailing us at

Darcy Jessen Presenting: Implementing AIM Principles in Specialty Care

Dr. Rick Neuls Presenting: Make the Patient Your Worker!

Dr. Brad Bahler Presenting: Unpacking Your Backpack – Team Utilization

Dr. Rob Wedel Presenting: Beyond the Medical Home – The Teams of the Medical Neighbourhood

Dr. Tobias Gelber Presenting: Improving Population Based Screening & CDM through MOA Outreach

Dr. Richard Lewanczuk Presenting “Our Journey”