We knew we had a problem with a long wait time for assessment. However, until we measured, we had no idea of the magnitude of the problem. The measurement results galvanized us into action.

Diabetes Hypertension Cholesterol Centre, Calgary, Alberta

AIM was a success! Overall access improved, clerical staff is now scheduling patients (versus the nurses) and offices are re-arranged to decrease the disruptions, increase space and ease the finding of materials.

The Northern Alberta Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, Edmonton, Alberta

I get very positive feedback from patients about their ability to get an appointment in a timely fashion and to be seen in the clinic more or less on time.

Dr. Rick Neuls, Allin Clinic, Edmonton, Alberta

We have learned how to manage our panel sizes and our appointment times, and AIM has gotten us to a point where we can be more responsive to patients.

Connie Burkart, patient care manager, Colposcopy Clinic, Calgary, Alberta

AIM changed the way of thinking for our whole team and it made the impossible, possible.

AIM 7 Participant

AIM has given us hope that frontline can make a difference – they can have a say in how a program can evolve to better support the clients they serve!
AIM 17 Participant

An improved approach to healthcare delivery = more efficient, cost-effective programs surrounded by an atmosphere of collaboration (all working together). Thank you!

AIM 17 Participant

We empowered our team by empowering staff to make the changes we really needed.
AIM 21 Participant

AIM was a success! The biggest gains were having processes in place and learning to think and approach change in a different way.
AIM 3 Participant