thinkstockphotos-588577208-convertedThe vision for family practices is to serve as a Patient’s Medical Home (PMH), a place where patients feel most comfortable discussing their health concerns with their family physician and a team of healthcare providers. The objective is to achieve the best possible health outcomes.

The development of the PMH is part of Alberta’s Primary Health Care Strategy, and there are several medical home assessment tools available for Primary Care Networks and clinics to help achieve this goal.

AIM and the Primary Care Network Program Management Office (PCN PMO) collaborated to develop and test an adapted version of the Safety Net Medical Home Initiative Patient Centred Medical Home assessment.

Together, these programs offer a common practical assessment tool to assess PCN level processes, structures, activities and programs related to PCN Evolution and Medical Home concepts. The overarching purpose is to provide a sense of where your practice is at compared with where you would aim to be, in alignment with the Primary Health Care Strategy. As such, the results of the assessment are yours only and are designed to support action, or business planning, for improvement.

Similarly, primary care practices benefit by reflecting on their current state, considering what is important to the team and identifying priority areas to focus on. It is recommended that the assessment be conducted at least annually. For ease of use, the clinic level assessment comes in three parts:

  • A Readiness Assessment  that helps determine the practice’s ‘current readiness’ to move towards implementation of a PMH.
  • Phase One  focuses on the first three elements of the PMH (Engaged Leadership, Capacity for Improvement and Panel & Continuity).
  • Phase Two  focuses on the last five elements of the PMH (Team Based Care, Organized Evidence-Based Care, Patient Centred Interactions, Enhanced Access and Care Coordination).

Please note that the above mentioned assessments are meant to be completed with a trained facilitator. AIM typically supports the completion of Phase One in addition to the Enhanced Access portion of Phase Two.


Other Resources

Another helpful resource is from the Patient’s Medical Home website. Practices may also take this online questionnaire to determine their level of readiness.

The Safety Net Medical Home Initiative also offers detailed information about the change concepts in the Medical Home. Click here to see how they outline the eight concept changes in four easy steps.