Practical Tools for Patient & Family Centred Care

Including patients as active participants in the creation of solutions that meet their healthcare needs is an essential step for health care professionals.

AHS has created easy to use tools for some of the leading practices in Patient and Family Centred Care (PFCC) and Patient Engagement. These tools are based on the core concepts of PFCC as determined by the Institute for Patient and Family Centred Care: Respect and Dignity, Information Sharing, Participation and Collaboration.

These tools to enhance effective communication are applicable across all care settings and with all care providers who interact with patients/clients/residents and families. The AIM team will work closely with PCNs to support teams looking to engage patients in their practice design processes or improvement efforts. Please contact your AIM consultant if you are interested in knowing more about any of these tools and practices.


Tools to Enhance Effective Communication

The Art of Active Listening

NOD: Name Occupation Duty

Making Moments Matter

Communicating With Empathy

Teach Back

3 Important Questions to Ask

Creating Patient Information Brochures


Tools to Advance Patient & Family Centred Care and Patient Engagement

Advancing the Practice of Patient- and Family-Centred Care in Primary Care and Other Ambulatory Settings – How to Get Started

Tips for Patient and Community Engagement and Participation in PCN Governance and Program Development

The inventory of PFCC and Patient Engagement tools will continue to grow as new ones are developed for primary healthcare environments and providers. If you have a suggestion or need for additional tools to help advance PFCC and engagement practices in primary healthcare please contact